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Karun & Annie: Pre-Wedding Session

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

When Karun and Annie contacted us about photographing their wedding, we were thrilled! We had never photographed an Indian wedding before, but we knew that the traditions and color surrounding the event would be magnificent. The schedule of the actual wedding day was completely full, and Karun and Annie wanted to be able to take some time prior to the event to have a session in their wedding ceremony clothing. We went out to the Dixon Gardens one afternoon and had an amazing time getting to know this beautiful couple. They were so easy to work with and we loved being able to capture images of the two of them together, as well as the details that go into their wedding attire … truly beautiful.

Karun and Annie … We loved being able to have this time with you both before the wedding; you are beautiful people, inside and out!

Blog post to come from their beautiful wedding day!

Josh & Courtney: Day After Session

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!! To all of our wonderful couples we would like to take a moment to say that we wish you all the happiest of days as you celebrate your love with each another. While the posting has been slow (I, Ashley, am to blame… blogging is a world I have yet to apply to my weekly schedule), it seemed impossible to let this holiday slip by without catching up with one of our posts.

We absolutely love Josh and Courtney! We have known them both for a while from our alma mater (Union, dearest Union), and have seen their relationship develop into a truly beautiful thing. So what a perfect couple to feature on Valentine’s Day. 🙂 We shot their wedding almost a year ago in Birmingham, but headed a little closer to home to do another session right before the Fall temperatures turned into icy winter winds. We had a wonderful day and loved seeing this newly married couple relaxed and enjoying life with one another.

So for your Valentine’s viewing pleasure… we give you The Clarke’s. 🙂

We love you guys!!

Josh & Kirby: Day After Session

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Kirby and Josh got married this past March, but since they didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony on their wedding day, we had little time for photos of just the two of them before their reception. They scheduled a session a few months after their wedding for some extra photos in a more relaxed atmosphere – what we ended up with was a beautiful afternoon with time to take all the pictures we wanted … a perfect scenario!

Kirby and Josh… we had a wonderful time with you both on your wedding day and “Day After” session. Congratulations, and enjoy your time as newlyweds!!

We loved this tree!

A little friend showed up.

Popsicles in the summer… perfection.

Kirby and Josh have a method for helping to keep each other cool. Priceless.

Kirby is stunning!

Kirby’s bridesmaids signed the bottom of her wedding shoes.


Thanks again guys… you were fantastic!


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